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Founded by both a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and a mother of a child with autism, Innovative Autism Network offers a network of autism related services and disciplines.

At Innovative Autism Network it is a family team oriented approach across all autism and special needs services that is the key to success. This approach also gives families the access to a service network of providers to help in their children's success. We offer individualized programs for those with special needs and children in the autism spectrum, while fostering an inclusive setting to help our clients achieve the most success with as little support as possible.

Innovative Autism Network is here to provide your family and child with the most effective therapies in a supportive and fully integrated learning environment. From in-home, school or clinic based therapies to social skills, music therapy and enrichment classes, Innovative Autism Network helps find your child's unique "roadmap" to success and recovery.

Feel free to contact us online or call 860.351.5407 to discuss your specific needs, current program, or how Innovative Autism Network can help deliver the services your child needs. Health Insurance Accepted


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Innovative Autism Network offers a wide range of integrated therapies and services: ABA, speech, occupational, and physical therapy, school & home-based consultations, year-round social skills classes, playgroups and music therapy to name a few.

By taking this all inclusive approach our services are unique in that all resources are in one location that provide for a full contiunum of services.

Connections to Independence is a new program for youths to young adults with developmental disabilities that focuses on the lifelong advancement and fulfillment of the complete individual. Learn More >>












































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